Handwriting Necklace

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Personalized Actual Handwriting Necklace

Understanding what you want and crafting the jewelry you have envisioned is the highest priority for us. We strive to make personalized handwriting necklace designs reflecting your emotions, ideas, or memorable moments.


Our vision is to craft unique, sentimental, and style-savvy jewels to make you and your loved ones feel special.

When it comes to actual handwriting jewelry, we believe that this type of jewelry is much more meaningful than other accessories, and we value this perspective. We also know that each handwriting jewel we create is telling a story and having a special meaning for its owner, so we dedicated ourselves to create and design beautiful, meaningful, and stylish jewels with a different approach than standard and mass-manufactured jewels.
Purchase this necklace reflecting the emotions desired to be remembered for yourself or to give a unique gift to your loved ones.

We guarantee that all our jewels are crafted by hand to reflect the story that is sure to make you and your loved ones smile while wearing them.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions and one of our dedicated team will be more than happy to help.

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