Common Questions When Ordering Handwriting Jewelry

Handwriting Jewelry is one of the biggest trends in jewelry for a while. Jewelry always makes a great gift and, as you know, personalized jewelry makes it much more meaningful. When the actual handwriting penned by you is added to personalized jewelry, you get the ultimate gift reflecting a story worth remembering!

Actual Handwriting jewelry may be a chic and unique way to turn nickname, scribbled messages, or signature into a special piece of jewelry you or your loved ones can wear forever. Nowadays, inspirational messages are another popular choice for handwriting jewelry.

While ordering handwriting jewels, people are a little unsure because they just haven’t done this before. Here are answers to your possible questions about how to create your special piece of handwriting jewelry.

1.) How do I choose my piece?

Browsing our collections to see all options is the best way to start. You should decide what to write that will best reflect your emotions. Once you know what type of jewel you want, then decide on the style. Do you like single-block name? The heart with you and your partner’s initials on a chain? The smiley face with your initials? You get the idea.

2.)How much handwriting can I order?

This varies according to the handwriting itself. If you have just a few words you’d like to include then our jewels will be fine. If you have a longer phrase then you might either consider just using parts of the letter, make it shorter. Look at photos of our products to see how many words have put on there, and see if there would be room for more. If you are unsure, please send us an email with your handwriting image and we’re happy to let you know if it will fit or not.